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Erik's Apps

I've coded a few apps for the iOS. Let me know if you have any questions on any of them. You can find all of them in the iTunes App Store.

Play Count

This app helps youth football coaches keep track of how many plays each player on the team participates in. Before (or during) each play, the coach just taps the numbers of the players who are currently on the bench. Those not on the bench must be on the field and their counts increase. This makes it a quick and easy method to ensure everyone gets their required play time.
Update Note: Sometimes when the app is updated, the file holding the player numbers gets corrupted. When this happens the app opens and then closes. If this occurs, just delete the app of your device and then reload it. This should fix the issue.

Formula De/D Roller

This simple app gives you all the dice from Formula De/D in the palm of your hand. The probability from each die is recreated in this app to give the most accurate results possible.


This simple app is a life counter for Magic: The Gathering. The screen is split in the middle so each player can see their life total face up, relative to their position at the table. It has three backgrounds to choose from for customization and has high visibility across the table.

Background Noise

This is the App version of the Second Rat Games book Background Noise. With a press of a button, the app will generate a complete background for any fantasy roleplaying game. Family history, where the character grew up, siblings, exciting events, and personality traits. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities.