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Excel with Erik

I've been teaching various software packages since the mid-90s. Along the way I've become a bit of an expert in the Office products and Excel especially. I've created some short videos to help people leard how to do things in Excel in under 10 minutes.

Below are all of the videos I've posted so far, they should come out about one every other week. Please let me know if you have any particular Excel topic you are interested in and I'll add it to the production list.

Thanks for watching.


Learn how to use the Vlookup function.

Pivot Tables

Learn how to use the boogeyman of Excel: Pivot Tables.

Custom Number Format

Learn how make your own custom formatting in Excel.

If Function

Learn how to use the If function.


Learn how to make charts in Excel.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn some useful keyboard shortcuts.

Cell Protection

Learn how to protect your cells from unwanted changes.